The Charity We Support

Your Tour For Kids fundraising is in benefit of Brigadoon childhood cancer programs



We are Brigadoon Children’s Camp Society. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers are committed to bettering the lives of children, youth and families living with a chronic illness, chronic condition or special need in Atlantic Canada.

The transformational effect of a camping experience is life-altering. For children and youth with a chronic illness or a chronic condition, opportunities for self-discovery can be limited by definitions of disease, treatments, conditions, and stereotypes. Brigadoon Village is a place where campers come to experience new things, meet friends who are facing similar challenges, and to just be themselves…not a patient, a chart full of symptoms, or a good little soldier.

With our partners, we develop specialized camping programs that meet the varied needs of our campers. Our guiding principles lead program development: to live sustainably, to be innovative, to be environmentally mindful, to be creative, to be compassionate, to be accountable, to be accessible, to create and build partnerships, to be community-orientated, and of course, to have exceptional fun. The generous support of our donors makes camp possible!

2016 will be the 5th year that Brigadoon Village will have hosted, on average, 75 children with cancer from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI.


  • “The benefit of Brigadoon Village is not just for the child, but for the family as a whole. Often times, that one week is the only respite we, as parents, receive year round.” Janice, camper mom.
  • “You spend your life going through this with your kid. It can be very isolating for parents.  Every day is a battle and the responsibilities are overwhelming.  Then my son went to Brigadoon and I didn’t have to think about or do anything for a few days; every hour was precious.  My son attending Brigadoon Village was my one chance to get a break.” Barb, camper mom
  • “Being a staff member makes you aware of all the hardships these kids face. It also lets you see them strive in an environment that was made perfectly for them, where they can just be themselves, not ‘that kid with cancer’. They can just be kids.” Jen, Camp Counsellor
  • “Attending Camp Goodtime has always been the highlight of Abigail’s year. She’s learned that she’s not alone, she’s developed a healthy self-esteem, and become more empathetic. She’s learned from the wonderful role models at camp how to become a leader, amongst her peers and in our community.” Roger, camper dad.


By helping to develop children and youth to have confidence in themselves and understand how their disease can be managed, this enables children and youth to understand the limitless potential they have as young leaders of tomorrow.

Brigadoon is rooted in the belief that children and young people have infinite potential when given the chance to explore, discover, challenge, innovate and create. The transformational effect of a camping experience is profound and life altering especially for children living with a chronic illness such as cancer.  The social impact on these children is astonishing.

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