TFK Ontario 2018 - Volunteer Prep 2018

Tour for Kids Ontario 2018 – Volunteer Prep 2018

Camp: Where kids can just be themselves, not “that kid with cancer.”

Thanks so much for joining us this year and helping us raise necessary funds for the three kids cancer camps; Camp Trillium, Camp Ooch and Camp Quality. Check out some key info to help to pack and prepare for Tour for Kids. We can’t wait to see you!


After our volunteer meeting and call we were asked about theme days.  Thanks to Judy for volunteering (ok, we admit it, she was voluntold.) and thanks to the new girl on the block, Samantha, we’ve come up with a couple theme days and we’re hoping you will join in.  Judy has purchased some decorations for the rest stops, we’re looking for additional fun and costumes from YOU!  Reach out to Judy if you have ideas and want to participate (

Friday –  Princess, magical, fairies – think jousting!
Saturday –  Camp Trillium is giving away leis and dinner is Baconpalooza.  I’ll leave this for your imagination but there are bacon costumes out there…just sayin!
Sunday – Canadiana!  Blue Jays, the Leafs, flannel…


Your SWAG is available during Registration in Fireplace Lounge in the Allan Earp Residence during the following times: Thurs, Aug. 16th 3:00-8:00pm & Fri, August 17th – Sun, Aug 18th 6:45-7:30am.  Interested in changing the size of your T, check us out at the store by the dining tent after your shift until 6:30pm Thursday – Saturday

Packing List

Most volunteers/crew have rooms on the main floor – that doesn’t mean you can bring more luggage!  It means you’ll be the first in bed and that bit closer to the food!  If you’re looking for packing tips here’s a few:

  • Specific items that cater to your food allergies/sensitivities. There is a large assortment of food at Tour for Kids, however we are not able to meet all the specific food desires, requirements and/or restrictions.  We are nut-free when we visit Camp Trillium on Saturday, August 18th, but cannot guarantee the rest/lunch stops along the route are nut-free.We encourage you to bring a cooler to store water, fruit etc and any specific food requirements you have in case we cannot fulfill your needs.
  • We have a couple new experience games this year including a dunk tank and jousting arena.  Ensure you are prepared in case you are challenged to one of these experiences – either one will leave you soaking wet in some form.
  • Bedding and towels are provided, however, if you require more than one towel or have sensitive skin you may want to bring your own towel.
  • The long term forecast is 27 degrees with 10-20% change of rain.  Be prepared for the heat during the day.  Bring a hat, change of clothes for the evening, lip balm, sunscreen etc.  For those at rest stops, you’ll be outside for most of the day in the heat, bring loose fitting clothes that are comfortable and breath.  Each volunteer/Crew will receive 2 Tour for Kids T’s this year.  If you have T’s from previous years please bring them.  If there are left over T’s you are more than welcome to take extras.  For all volunteers, especially crew, ensure you wear appropriate footwear.


Room accommodations are provided for all 3 day volunteers/crew.  Beds are single and bathrooms are shared with the room beside you.

Won’t get to Brock until late Thursday night?  No worries!  Proceed to the North Service Desk (Conference Front Desk) to check in for accommodations.  The desk is open 24/7.  To pick up your SWAG, you’ll need to go to the Fireplace Lounge during registration.

If you haven’t confirmed with your arrival time on Thursday please do so by Wednesday, August 15th noon.  If we don’t know when you arrive, we cannot guarantee you a bed on Thursday night.


There is limited space to park in Lot M, however volunteers and crew have priority.  Looked for the roped off area.  Registration is located in the yellow square.  The blue square is overflow parking.

Brock Address:  1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way, St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1   .


Thank you for your amazing support!  Please remember to high five and hug each other the entire weekend – you deserve it!!

Shout out to:

  • Ham Radio
  • Medics
  • Mechanics
  • RMTs
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Route support
  • Marshalls
  • Rest Stop
  • Crew
  • Photographers
  • Zombie Patrol
  • Princess Maintenance
  • And more!

A few last notes: Mandatory volunteer meetings are held nightly (8:30pm) at CJ’s Lounge down the hall from the FIreplace Lounge. Every morning there’s a rundown at 6:00am at CJ’s Lounge. During the event/while you’re on the road, please text Sharon (416.908.9865) with updates – do not leave a voice message it will not get picked up.  

Please click here for the Run of Show document