Coast to Coast
Against Cancer Foundation

CTC-foundation-logo-bCoast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation (CTCACF) operates Tour For Kids, The Inside Ride, and the National Kids Cancer Ride.

Our vision is a world Beyond Kids Cancer.

As Canada’s only national charity devoted to fighting childhood cancer, Coast To Coast Against Cancer ensures donations are invested in improving the survival rate and quality of life of children and their families impacted by cancer. Children across the country benefit from the generous support of our sponsors, participants, donors and volunteers.

We raise funds by conducting a series of high quality, memorable, physically challenging, national and regional events that encourage active and healthy lifestyles. From cycling rides to team-building activities, we raise needed funding for worthy childhood cancer charities whose programs improve the survival rate and quality of life of children and their families impacted by cancer.


  • Our work is largely volunteer-based
  • Event costs and Foundation expenses are supported by our corporate sponsors, registration fees and volunteer staff
  • Our work strives to bridge and encourage collaboration amongst childhood cancer researchers, doctors, agencies, charities and service providers
  • Our work focuses on the areas of greatest need, where we can make a real impact and drive measurable progress in the fight against childhood cancer: research, quality of life and family support

About childhood cancer:

No parent should ever hear the words “Your child has cancer”. The reality is that childhood cancer is the leading cause of disease-related death among children. 1500 children are diagnosed each year; that’s 5 CHILDREN EVERY DAY IN CANADA. Ten thousand children and families are living with cancer in Canada right now. Twenty years ago, if a child was diagnosed with cancer, there was just a 25% survival rate. Now thanks to advancements in diagnosis and treatment, it’s closer to 75%.

Yet while 75% of children and teens now survive 5 years or more, they pay a heavy toll. 60% of survivors have long-lasting effects and/or secondary cancers or permanent handicaps such as nerve and muscle damage, loss of limbs, hearing and sight, learning disabilities, and other physical disabilities.

But it’s not getting better: the rate of childhood cancer has increased 21% in the past 30+ years. Childhood cancer treatments and care are unique. Only $1 in every $30 raised for cancer research goes to childhood cancer research.

Children’s cancer charities are chronically and drastically underfunded and grass-root organizations, like the camps, receive NO FUNDING from government, relying entirely on generous support from the community and fundraising organizations like Coast to Coast Against Cancer and programs like Tour For Kids.

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