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At any given time, ten thousand Canadian children are on the journey through cancer.

Tour for Kids is fundraising event benefiting Brigadoon Village, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children living with and beyond cancer.

This is all-inclusive, two-day bicycle tour through Nova Scotia. In addition to the opportunity to participate in two days of fully-supported riding, participants are required to raise donations on behalf of Brigadoon Village

Tour for Kids is an important, sustainable source of funding for Brigadoon Village where children are provided enriching experiences at no cost to their families.

Through your donation, YOU are helping change the lives of children affected by cancer. Every penny of the more than $10 million raised by Tour for Kids serves to improve the quality of life for children through programming and associated programs across Canada.

Your donation helps Brigadoon Village sustain year round programs in hospitals and community facilities. Programs are largely available free-of-charge to cancer patients, their siblings and their families but operate without government funding.



Every penny of every dollar that you raise will be donated to Brigadoon Village programming. Tour for Kids does not redirect any part of your donation to administration, marketing or other purpose whatsoever. This “100% model” is achieved through the contribution of volunteers and sponsorships from corporate partners that offset whatever event expenses are in excess of revenues received through registration fees. Many donors appreciate this financial transparency.

People ride Tour for Kids for many reasons. Some simply love to ride their bike. Many have personal connections with the cause. But all see the value of bringing smiles to thousands of Canadian children innocently caught in the cancer journey. You can view a participant’s personal web page by searching their name through this link.

On behalf of the kids, thank you for lifting so many spirits.

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