Wow! The ride was incredible!! Loved the constant vehicle support riding alongside us asking if we needed water, etc. The volunteers were outstanding at the food stations: kind, thoughtful, enthusiastic about our ride. The food at the stations was excellent and over the top. CC

Completing the ride….I didn’t think I could do it. Loved being in a big group of cyclists. I realize there was a purpose we were doing this for, and I whole heartedly support the camps. For me, it was my first big organized ride and I thought it was an incredible experience. RS

Best run event ever!! LL

The stress of dealing with your child’s illness is huge.  To also have to worry about finances, possibly even losing our house, added unimaginable layers of stress.  Nobody plans for this kind of event.  The financial aid we received allowed us to put our attention to where it was needed, on our child.

Parent of a child undergoing treatment

So many great people with great attitudes create such a great atmosphere. TL

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