Our format and Experience will keep you entertained on and off the route. On Saturday, you will tour through the beautiful Annapolis Valley and end your ride at Brigadoon Village for an overnight stay. You will wake up to the serene Aylesford Lake on Sunday morning and begin your ride back to Wolfville with a celebratory BBQ at Presidents Field, Acadia University.

Day by Day

Day 1:  After opening ceremonies at President’s Field, Acadia University, choose your distance and hit the road.  Ride to Hall’s Habour after a brief ice cream stop and enjoy the climb and rolling hills.  For an extra 30km ride to Scot’s Bay for yet another stunning view.  We all end our day at Brigadoon Village

Day 2:  Short and long distance riders depart the same time as we head towards our final destination.  More gorgeous roads and rest stops with character, the best part of the day is awaiting for you at President’s Field – BBQ!

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