Tour for Kids Packing List

Bring on the spandex, butt butter, coordinating socks and get ready for a fun filled weekend with friends new and old!

Check out some key info and if after reading you’re left with a ton of questions contact us at  Looking forward to seeing you Saturday, July 27th


Before you arrive at Tour for Kids, visit your local bike shop to ensure your bike has undergone a tune-up. Tour for Kids is not the time to have our mechanics do a complete overhaul or tune-up! Any bike parts replaced/repaired during the Tour due to neglect will be charged to the rider. Make sure you pack your pump or CO2, spare tubes and helmet. Every year at least one person forgets their shoes – don’t let it be you!


It’s what separates us from all the others. Your SWAG will not only have you walking and riding with confidence, you’ll look 10 years younger and 5lbs thinner. Your kit is available Saturday morning at Presidents Field.  Exchanges and store purchases can be made Saturday night until 8pm at Brigadoon Village.

Packing List

Make sure your luggage is not only packed lightly but also clearly labelled. If you are bringing a blue medium size duffle bag, trust us, a dozen other people have the exact same bag.  Ensure your bag is unique and clearly labelled!

Since you are your own domestique, packing light is critical, two smaller bags are ideal. If you’re looking for packing tips here’s a few:

  • Flip flops for showers
  • Bathing suit for Brigadoon Village.
  • Dressing in layers is suggested. Be prepared for varied weather conditions
  • Sleeping bag, pillow and towel for your overnight at Brigadoon Village
  • Specific items that cater to your food allergies/sensitivities. There is a large assortment of food at Tour for Kids, however we may not be able to meet all the specific food desires, requirements and/or restrictions. We are nut-free at Brigadoon Village but cannot guarantee that rest stops and lunch stops elsewhere along the route are nut-free.

Route & Support

Volunteers are the key to your Tour for Kids experience. Without the fine people behind the scenes making sandwiches, working on permits, fixing your bike, photographing you, ensuring you arrive in one piece and on time, there would be no Tour for Kids. Please remember to high five the dozens of volunteers who make this event possible! Feel free to have a drink with them, dance with them, enjoy breakfast with them and more importantly hug them! They support you, please do the same.

  • Volunteer group providing route safety and emergency communication
  • Medical support
  • Bike mechanic support
  • Route monitors and route marshals
  • Rest Stop volunteers
  • Crew
  • Photographers
  • And more!

Saturday, July 27th

Arrive at Presidents Field at 7:00 am

Ensure you have eaten a hearty breakfast prior to arrival. Continental breakfast only. Upon arrival, park in designated Tour for Kids area, see volunteers for direction.

Proceed to Registration where you will be greeted and checked in. Haven’t met your fundraising goal? SWAG will not be handed out until arrangements have been made with Registration. Proceed to luggage check-in and park bikes in the designated secure bike racks according to the distance you plan to ride that day.

Start Info:

Cycling distances of 86km, 114km & 141km

7:15 am: cyclists arrive at Presidents Field
7:15am-8:00am: Cyclist check-in; luggage drop off; bike mechanic available; continental breakfast
8:00 am: Opening ceremonies, stretch, cyclists select their distance and pace groups and meet your cycling marshals.
8:15 am: Cyclists depart

3:00pm – 6:00pm: Arrive at Brigadoon Village! Check in for your assigned room. You can shower and change into comfortable clothing; visit Concierge for any lost items and the agenda for next day. Now kick back and enjoy the rest of the afternoon! The Snack Shack will be open for pre-dinner snacks (but don’t spoil your appetite – plenty of delicious food will be served for dinner!)

6:30pm – 8:00pm: Dinner and evening program!
8:00pm – 10pm: Fire and chillax

10:00 pm: Light’s out. Tomorrow is another great day of cycling!

Sunday, July 28th

Cycling distances of 104km, 136km & 151km

7:00am: Enjoy a hot breakfast, pack up your luggage load on truck and get ready for day 2 of riding!
8:00am: Choose your distance and meet the group and marshals you’ll be riding with.
8:15am: Cyclists depart

2:30pm – 4:00pm: Snacks and BBQ


The unprecedented success of Tour for Kids is as a direct result of the partnership between our incredible riders, volunteers and sponsors and our shared passion for improving the quality of lives of children living with and beyond cancer. We would like to thank you for sharing in this great adventure with us and for improving the quality of lives of these courageous children. We look forward to sharing this incredible weekend with you!

Warm Regards,

Your Organizing Crew at Tour for Kids

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