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At any given time, ten thousand Canadian children are on the journey through cancer.

Tour for Kids is a fundraising event benefiting three camp organizations in Ontario that are dedicated to improving the quality of life for children living with and beyond cancer.

Each year, about $1.5 million is raised by participants to help the camps sustain year round programs in traditional camp settings as well as hospitals and community facilities. Programs are largely available free-of-charge to cancer patients, their siblings and their families but operate without government funding. Tour for Kids has become an essential source of sustainable funding for each of the camps.

Comprehensive information about each of the camps is available through their respective websites.

Camp Oochigeas Camp Oochigeas Camp Trillium

People ride Tour for Kids for many reasons. Some simply love to ride their bike. Many have personal connections with the cause. But all see the value of helping to bring a smile to the face of thousands of Canadian children innocently caught in the cancer journey. You can view a participant’s personal web page by searching their name through this link.

Your donation to Tour for Kids will enrich camp programs and, ultimately, stir laughter and friendships that might otherwise be overshadowed by cancer. On behalf of the kids and camps, thank you for sharing the journey.


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