This was my first year doing the Tour for Kids, and it was an amazing adventure. I only started cycling this spring and logged only about 700 km before undertaking the whole 4 day event. I could not believe how well organized it was. All along the route, you were made to feel special. You never felt alone on the ride. I made so many new and special friends. It was truly a “life experience” for me that I will never forget. As a 12 year consultant of Investors Group I am extremely proud that we are a major sponsor of the Coast to Coast Foundation/Tour for Kids.

The family involvement  is what makes the ride stand out. Most charity events are faceless and you are raising money for the cause. With Tour for Kids, you are raising money for the families and you see the disease front and center and see what it does to people. These families are so inspiring and they are why we come back again and again. DD

This year specifically, I loved the routes. They weren’t as challenging with respect to terrain, but there were great options to challenge people with distance. I think the routes best catered to the wide variety of cyclists that participate. PG

It’s a perfect combination of three things:

1. An extreme physical challenge

2. A fun, social getaway

3. A heart wrenching and eye-opening charity fundraiser DS

I really like the celebrating, coming together, and meeting of other participants that happens after each ride. That’s what makes this event different than other charity events. I also, really, really appreciate the volunteers and marshals! They make the event. The rides are well managed, supported. MK

I LOVE the morning portion of the event. I love seeing the crowd engaged and hearing the stories and really bringing the event into focus. I also LOVE the night portion of the event. The evening presentations are always amazing! It was also really nice to do one big lunch stop and get all the riders. EL

Hearing families speak and the camaraderie of the event between all involved. I love it all and will definitely keep coming back! LT

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