1 Day Ride

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Over the years, the multi-day format of Tour for Kids has grown steadily in popularity to the point that over 500 enthusiasts will be sharing the road in August. You can sample the famous Tour for Kids experience by registering for the 1-Day ride. It’s the perfect option for people looking for a rewarding day of energy, smiles and a bit of fundraising to give three special camps an extra boost. This year choose Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but know the fun happens on Saturday – don’t miss out!


Tour for Kids is, first and foremost, a fundraising event for three very special camps. As a 1-Day participant, your fundraising commitment must be fulfilled prior to riding. You may use the on-line donation tools available through your personal web page or submit cash and cheques when you check-in the morning of the event. We encourage you to share your ride experience and collect funds until Sept 30, however your minimum fundraising needs to be submitted by the morning of your ride.

Your effort on behalf of the camps, and the campers, is crucial to the operation of their many essential programs. Thanks for joining us, it’ll be an exciting, fun-filled day!

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