Successful Fundraising Tips

Follow these simple principles and watch your fundraising total grow!

Remember, fundraising is not asking for money or a loan. You are asking as an official Tour For Kids participant who is fundraising on behalf of cancer survivors everywhere!

1. Start your preparations by creating a plan

  • Plan and organize! Be resourceful and creative when thinking of potential donors, events and fundraisers that you can do. Remember that people are more likely to give to people they know and for causes in which they believe.
  • The best way to raise funds is to use a combination of techniques:
    • Start by asking your friends and family.
    • Make a list of all the people you could approach, fundraisers and events you would like to hold, and the sponsored activities you could do.
    • Face-to face solicitation is the most effective and cheapest (if your potential donors are local).
    • Send personalized emails or letters
    • Commercialization of products sold benefiting Tour For Kids. If you or a friend own a business and would like to give Tour For Kids all or part of the proceeds from the sale of your product, you can state your intention to your customers by using the words “proceeds from the sale of this item benefit camps for children with cancer.” We ask that you specify either the percentage of the proceeds that you will be sending us or a firm dollar amount, this will make it clear to your customers what you are passing on to us. You are not permitted to use the logo in conjunction with the sale of commercial items.

2. Start early

  • It is better to get the word out, ask early and then follow up with potential donors, than to ask later and have one shot at getting a donation from them. Be sure to give your contributors a deadline for when funds must be entered into your account, and how they can make instant on-line donations.

3. Educate your donors

  • About the Tour For Kids mission and goals.
  • About childhood cancer survivorship
  • About cancer camps
  • About your personal fundraising pledge, what personal reasons you have for participating and who you will dedicate your ride to in the Tour For Kids ride.

4. Let potential donors know the benefits of contributing

  • An opportunity to help children with cancer attend a cancer camp.
  • Make a difference in the many and various programs supported by Tour For Kids.
  • A tax deductible donation.

5. Follow through

  • Send reminders and updates to potential donors on your fundraising progress and how far/close you are to your goal.
  • Keep details of everyone who has supported you (and people whom you’ve supported in the past). This is good practice, and also helps you keep track of whom you need to thank.
  • Don’t forget to tell your donors about matching gifts! Have them check with their HR department, as many companies will match donations made by their employees.

6. Recruit volunteers

  • You may be surprised at how many people will be willing to help you raise funds. Try to involve everyone you possibly know. Many people you know even casual acquaintances will support your efforts and be potential donors. Childhood cancer and survivorship affect more than those diagnosed with the disease. Friends, family members, co-workers, and acquaintances touched by cancer can help spread the word about the events you plan to host and solicit donations.
  • Approach your local Legion, Rotary, Lions Club, Veterans associations, Junior League, and other social clubs.

7. Give back to those who are giving to you

  • Wear their logo, bake them cookies, send a personalized thank you letter with a picture of you at the Tour For Kids ride.

8. Aim High

  • Think big and be bold. Ask for a specific amount and aim high. No one is ever insulted because they were asked for too much money. They will “bargain down” and find their own comfort level. More often you will find that you get exactly what you ask for.

9. The most important thing to do is ask!

  • The worst anyone can say is ‘no.’ Remember to keep your Tour For Kids information with you everywhere you go so that you can help them say ‘yes’.
  • Donors that you don’t know are still donors; it’s OK to get donations from people you do not know. Just remember to thank them, as you do all donors. Carrying your fundraising letters everywhere you go may result in receiving donations in unexpected places.

10. Keep a positive attitude and remember why you are participating in the Tour For Kids ride.

  • Remember that when asking for donations you may hear ‘no’s’ a lot, but every ‘yes’ will make your efforts worth it.
  • Donors that you don’t know are still donors; it’s OK to get donations from people you do not know. Just remember to thank them, as you do all donors. Carrying your fundraising letters everywhere you go may result in receiving donations anywhere you go.


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