As a rider and a volunteer It is hard to describe the feeling of you get when a complete stranger thanks you for helping their child beat cancer

Volunteers are the backbone of Tour for Kids.  From marking routes, sorting SWAG, managing rest stop and driving trucks – we’re looking for people to support our participants and Organizers.  Whatever your talent, we have a role for you!
What’s in it for you?  Volunteers share laughs, adventure, camaraderie and friendship plus, what’s better than getting out of work for a few days?  You’ll leave Tour for Kids with amazing memories, real friends and knowing you made a difference with hundreds of people

We have a variety of volunteer roles – ranging from single day opportunities such as shopping/picking up supplies, sorting at the warehouse and prepping trucks to Event day opportunities – such as driving trucks, route support, crew, photographers and more. Event volunteers are requested to be onsite at Trent University from the 15th until our departure on the 18th

Please visit our FAQ’s for details on age requirements, fundraising and more.

Ready to sign up? Contact Danica.Rodrigues@ctcacf.org to chat.

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Event Volunteers:

These roles require commitment for the entire event and include early mornings, late evenings, nightly meetings and some heavy lifting. As an Event Volunteer you will bond with cyclists and other volunteers, embrace the great outdoors, have numerous opportunities to stand on your chair and sing PLUS you’ll receive a SWAG bag with your official Tour for Kids tshirt. Roles include:


Event: HAM radio support. Work closely with Organizer, Route Support, medics, mechanics and crew to ensure the safe arrival of all participants. Road safety, work at dangerous/high risk intersections. One of the last to return home.

AV Support

Set up and tear down all AV equipment from the gym, start/end, determine what is needed so we can source, must return equipment after event, work with photographers to post photos nightly. Set up playlists for morning ceremonies, tent city, when cyclists return.


Outgoing, helpful, knowledgeable and chatty. Manage everything from weather predictions, lost and found, and the ever popular “where’s the closest washroom?” a helpful disposition is essential. Other tasks include working at the Tour’s store, assist with light crew duties or solve any number of guest dilemmas.

Help with tear down of banners at start each morning. Rally volunteers when cyclists return with noise makers.


Everything from ensuring everyone has fun and are entertained. Acknowledging top fundraisers, special guests/recognition, camp inspired games, morning ceremonies, evening program.


If you love eating and know what cyclists love to eat, this is the perfect role. Knowledge of food safety is a must. Source food sponsors, create fabulous lunch menus, replenish recovery zone at finish line and work with Event Organizer on overall menus.


Work directly with Ops Manager on a variety of tasks including traffic/parking, timing sheets, route management and more.


Work with Marketing team designing thank you cards, plaques, schedules, posters and more.


Mechanics support, care and nourish our bikes and egos. Your bike must be tuned up before arriving at Tour for Kids, mechanics reserve the right to limit the attention given to any one bike. A nominal fee is charged for parts but labour is free of charge.


Headed by RN’s the medics are on call 24hrs to respond to serious accidents and illness. Less pressing medical matters are dealt with during regular waking hours. Tour for Kids is not NUT-FREE and as such, epipens and other personal scripts are the responsibility of participants.


Riders identified with yellow bandanas. Cyclists who pay to ride with the added bonus of leading groups. 2 marshalls/group.


Don’t see a role that suits your talent? Contact Danica.Rodrigues@ctcacf.org.


Must work with Organizers, Lead and photograph as per assignment. Post photos end of day during dinner and forward to Organizer end of event. Videographer creates a video on last day of the Tour.

Rest/Lunch Stop

These are service-oriented, enthusiastic and fanatic individuals. Known to dress in obscure clothing and decorate anything from a port a potty to cyclists who don’t eat their veggies.

Rest Stop volunteers are front line guest service professionals. They display the food and beverages, enforce proper food safety while replenishing and service meals at rest stops. Some lifting required but there’s plenty of help.


Organized, logical and friendly problem-solvers. The keepers of keys, waivers and donations, these volunteers keep things running smoothly. Concierge and registration work with each other and move around to various tasks.

Road Crew/Route Signage

The most important volunteer role at Tour for kids. Crew must be able to drive 16-26ft trucks or be a strong navigator.

One truck drives to rest stop and works with Lunch team, deliver ice, food. Second cube loads and delivers all equipment including water, to all rest/lunch stop locations. All crew helps redistribute supplies nightly as needed and transports excess supplies. Cleans up all rest stops and disposes of garbage before they return to Home Base.

Crew organizes and creates Home Base in accordance with the site plan, sets up tent city and assists with proper placement of all signage. Crew facilitates breakdown and final clean-up of Home Base to make sure the site looks better than when we arrived. Pre-event and Post-event hours are required.

Crew drives trucks to start and “owns” the truck for the weekend. For more details contact sharon.andres@ctcacf.org


RMTs literally lend a hand to mend hundreds of bruised legs, backs and shoulders. If you are a gifted healer, there’s table waiting. Nothing rewards our fundraisers for their long days in the saddle like a 15-minute massage. Sessions run from 3-7pm with breaks scheduled on rotation.

This is a paid role and cyclists are charged for this luxury.

Route Support/HAM Radio

Works with ARES/HAM Radio to ensure safety of all participants. Must communicate with mechanics, medics, crew, rest stops and organizer to determine arrival of cyclists. Long hours, one of the last to return home.

Single Day Volunteers:

Most of these opportunities take place before and after Tour for Kids. If you can spare 8 hours/week in June, July and August, these roles are perfect for you! Love driving around the city with a GPS picking up cases of pop and baked goods? Got what it takes to coordinate porta potties? These roles are made for you!

Marketing/Special Events

Distributing brochures, contacting bike shops/clubs, working with Marketing team on designs for thank you cards, plaques and more. If you have great taste in music – you can help create playlists.

Pre Event

Picking up supplies, SWAG/rider kit pick-up, event set-up etc.

Post Event

Returning and sorting supplies, tearing down, set up crew, parking assistance, BBQ service, packing etc.

Rest Stops

Greet the riders at a rest stop and help serve lunch/snacks.

Toronto Home Office

Data entry, permits, rest stop callouts, arranging potties/wash stations, general event help.

Warehouse Support

Prepping/loading trucks, rest stop/registration bins, cleaning up before/after event.

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